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Auction Rules and Info

NEW Change in bidding 4/14/21

Bidding has been changed to absolute style.

Which means if you bid $20 on a team the bidding will go to $20.

NEW Reserve 4/13/21

There is a reserve in the title. What does this mean?

This is the min total value reserve for all the teams in the auction.

(Our min is well under the market value of the box. Sick deals to be had!)

Once this number is reached we will end the auction 15 minutes later.

The box will break shortly after the ending.

This will only happen from 8pm-12am est. Tuesday-Friday

NEW feature added.

You can now add credit to your account to use.

To add credit you can send venmo (@lbbdotnet), cash app ($lbbdotnet) , paypal or have us charge the card on your account for any amount.

Text us 1-919-568-5741 , email or chat with us live to add credit.

You will need a auction account and CC on file to bid. 

When you win a auction you can go to my account my invoices to pay with paypal. 

Otherwise we will charge the CC on your account once all the auctions are done. 

If a invoice is unpaid and the charge does not work we will sell the team and block the account from bidding.


There are no 5% Rewards for Auctions 


Auction breaks will combine with ebay and standard breaks every Monday and Tuesday for the week before.

Regular Reserves

Sometimes we will set a reserve on teams in a auction.

What to know: If your max bid does not reach the reserve it will go to your max bid.

For example. If a teams reserve is $10 and there are no bids on the team and you bid $8 .

The bid will go to $8 instead of $1. If you bid $12 it will go to $10 to meet the reserve.